Rostov airport ‘Platov’ absolutely meets the requirements of FIFA

Some of regional media have announced today that Rostov airport “Platov” doesn’t meet the requirements of FIFA. They referred to the member of “Russia 2018” Local Organizing Committee Anton Zhuravlev.

Actually the problem is not about the “Platov” airport, but about the distance between them and one of team camp located in Taganrog. By the way, it’s not completely clear how this distance has been checked, because new roads to the “Platov” are under construction now.

Anyway, the airport “Platov” absolutely meets the requirements of FIFA. “We have all documents to prove that “Platov” satisfies the requirements,” head of the communications department of Rostov airport Olga Ladeischikova said.

Новый аэропорт в Ростове-на-Дону

“Platov” airport. Photo: Twelve Architects

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