Russian Railways offer up to 30% discount for tickets with departure on 29-31/12

Russian Railways offer up to 30% discount for train tickets. The departure date must be 29, 30 or 31 of December.

Discount will be 30%, if tickets is purchased earlier than 21 days before departure. If you booked ticket between 20 – 11 days before travelling, you can get 20% off. Finally, the 10% discount is offered for those who purchased ticket on 10 days in advance.

Offer is valid for upper bed in compartment of four beds, in all long-distance trains. Also it’s available for seats in high-speed trains with numbers 7XX operated by Federal passenger company within Russia.

That’s such good news from Russian Railways. Usually the ticket prices increase in the end of December, due to a tariff regulation and the raised demand.

Offer will be opened from December, 2.

Поезд Ростов Москва

Photo by Vadim Anokhin.

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